I was born in The Angel of North London in the Summer of Love 1967. I studied History and Film in Norwich and Sheffield but in 1993 was lured away by the bright lights of Punk Rock Club toilets and excited fifteen year olds in Brownie costumes to make a film about the U.S. Riot Girl band Bikini Kill. This film took me to New York, and to San Francisco where I lived for 5 years. There I made films such as She’s Real, Worse than Queer in 1997, which I toured across the U.S. and Canada in 1996. From 1994 to 1998 worked as a Staff member, Curator and Editor at Cinema/Gallery/ Cultural Hub, Artists Television Access. I taught at the Academy of Art College and performed in and curated LivePerformance/ Screenings Shoot the Women first.

In 1998 I got homesick and returned to London. Until 2003 I managed Sidecar Ltd., a Video Access and Production company in Hackney, East London with the Goal of providing Skills and Creative outlet for Folk with Life situations which were limiting their access in this unequal world. We provided Production assistance and advice and devised, managed and taught Video Production courses with school excluded groups, young offenders and people with mental health issues in particular.

Documentaries that I have made and edited include As Is your Due in 1999, Breaking the boundaries in 2001, The Experimental Playground in 2003 and The Pool of London in 2006,  There ain’t no Black in the Union Jack in 2008 and Laga Beach in 2009/10 (the latter starring the Grown-up Riot Girl band, the Deptford Beach Babes). In addition I made work with countless Live, performance and dance artists and educational and community groups.

In 2004 my heart was broken by a broken love and by trying to dam the tide of broken lives without core funding. I began to seriously burn out. To try to save my soul I developed a Dance Film called Inside I’m Dancing with the Dance Company Booming Cherries. This substantially shifted my focus: I closed the video business (saying I would never do it again), I moved to a Boat on the river Thames by Tower Bridge and I learned to dance Flamenco. After moving back to Hackney I got involved in various passionately fought but ultimately tragically unsuccessful local activist campaigns.

I began to study Dance, Improvisation and performance; Such as Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Flamenco, Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian Dance, Action Theatre, Commedia Dell’arte, Viewpoints, Bodyweather, Feldenkreis and Butoh. In October 2011 I received an M.A. in Performance and Creative Research at Roehampton University, London.

Since October 2008 I have curated and performed at monthly Mixed-Media “Happenings” at Red Shoe Space and Inside I’m Dancing in East London which have included musical performances by Madigan Shive, Deptford Beach Babes, Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcast Engineers, Nwando Ebizie, Traum, Philosophie Queen, Sonora, Shuffle, The McCarricks, and collaborations with groups such as noise=noise and many others. Since 2011 I have been founder member with Maryam Hashemi and Ella Guru of the Drawing and Dancing Society and also co-founded Wet Granny: Improvising and Devising practice Group. I am an active member/ host of the Artist choir, Choir East.

I make character based interactive Site-Specific, Promenade and Theatrical Performance. Notable works include 7000 Year Old Woman, 2009; A Sailor went to Sea, 2010; and I am not a village, 2011. Venues include Tate Modern, the A Foundation, the Italian Cultural Institute, Park Road Pilot, the Woodmill, Basement Art Projects, Battersea Arts Centre, Toihaus Saltzburg Red Shoe Space, Coachwerks Brighton, Schloss Broellin Germany, Kulturhuset Stockholm..

“You’re really weird” Lynn BreedLove,  Tribe 8, 1995

“You are a very eccentric person Lucy” Guillermo Gomez-Pena, 2008

“I just want to add that I think that you are an extraordinary and amazing person” Geraldine Pilgrim 2009