Works of Art, Artists, Activists, Humans in general which continue to inspire me

Enter Achilles

Act of Killing

Sarah Schulman

“Gentrification is when a neighborhood is considered to be getting better because it becomes dangerous for those who live there.  The point of view shifts from the inhabitors to the invaders. It is a colonial paradigm.” (from Gentrification of the mind)

Rebecca Solnit

Nwando Ebizie

Adam Vass


Penny Arcade

Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! and Bad Reputation and this is

Old Queen, excerpts from a work-in-progress performance by Penny Arcade

Meredith monk

“Singing together is very intimate and I always say that music or the images or anything are just a kind of armature for revealing the radiance of these performers.. these generous radiant performers..  for that to come across and I think that performing is.. you’re so in tune with each other y’know.. it’s such an amazing template of the possibilities of human behaviour, of generosity, of being there for the other person and being so sensitive to the environment and of the other people” from Krista tippet interview with Meredith Monk

(25.26 ) “I always think of the relationship between the audience and the performer as a sort of infinity sign or figure 8 that goes from the performer to the audience and then back to the performer and it’s just this constant flow of energy between these 2 bodies of people and the beauty of a live performance is that we’re all in the same space at the same time and I don’t think we have that many situations in the world like that”

Katherine Dunham  in Free Library interview

 “many of the routes have come from very deep observation of man, what he is, what he is constructed of, what his intentions in life are, toward himself, toward his community, man, I feel that the roots of Dunham technique are in the effort to know man, in knowing man it means that there’s no one single culture that is essentially different from another” Katherine Dunham dancing her own choreography with her company (includes the screen debut of Eartha Kitt )

22.40.. infinite numbers of different kinds of cultures

Eartha Kitt and James Dean

Eartha Kitt and James Dean in Katherine Dunham Dance Class

“when you give you must receive back”


Maya Deren

Anna Halprin

Experience as Dance  Janice Ross

“All the folks in our city, as in all places in the country and the world at large, have the capacity to experience their lives as a dance”

 “I think Dance in it’s seminal beginnings, was meant to have a purpose and the purpose was a direct link and tie-in with the life of the individual, the life of the family, the life of the community. My concern is to renew and re-affirm these essential purposes of dance.. to give greater harmony and wholeness to our lives”

 At Tamalpa Anna and her daughter Daria developed a 5 part process to deal with emotions and real-life crises like terminal illness

  1. Using movement, visualization, free association, people identify their issues, their shadow side
  2. With movement and sound confront this material,. Explore it
  3. 3.     Express issuesidentified and visualized through physical movement and Release destructive patterns opening up the way for new creative possibilities
  4. 4.     After Release comes Change as they tap into energetic forms and re-direct these toward healing.
  5. 5.     Integration: Taking this experience and applying it to their lives

 Repeating whenever necessary whenever an old or new issue re-surfaces

 “ I don’t want Spectators. Spectators imply a spectacle that takes place to entertain and amuse and perhaps stimulate them. I want witnesses who realize that we are dancing for a purpose – to accomplish something in ourselves and in our world” (Spectators remain in their own minds and lives whereas witnesses are present)

Anne Bogart

I find it more interesting to trigger associations in the audience than psychologies. The way to do this is to set up oppositions rather than answers. For example, if one person nods “yes”, while another person is shaking the head “no”, you have set up an opposition. And in the space of this opposition there is room for the audience to dream. I am after diverse responses. I want individuality in the audience rather than conformity. And then you act (p.37)

I want to make theatre that would look ridiculous on film or television.. Look around you right now. Are you reading this book in a room? .. how would you stage this very moment for the theater and how would you present it to a television camera?.. (p.37)

The theatre is one of the few art forms that moves easily between poetry and prose. But it is imperative to choose which language you intend to use at each moment. The left hemisphere is usually linked to prose. The right hemishere is related to rhyme and poetry. Description is prose. Expression is poetry. Most pedestrian movement is prose while dance is poetry. Speaking is prose while singing is poetry. To switch modes you switch brain function. But you can choose (p.38)

And then you Act by Anne Bogart

Jeffrey Gordon Baker training at Warhorse theatre Actors playground

She references Gardzienice, founded 1976 by Wlodzimierz Staniewski

Joey Arias

Holly Woodlawn

Maryam Hashemi

Victor Jara

Love and Rockets

Monique Hunt/ Bodyweather with Feldenkreis

Pics by Lucy based by notes taken during Monique's Bodyweather/ Feldenkreis workshops

Pics by Lucy based by notes taken during Monique’s Bodyweather/ Feldenkreis workshops

Monique Skeletons 004 Monique Skeletons 005

Augusto Boal

Kembra Pfahler and The Voluptuous horror of Karen Black

(photos by Joao Florencio at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Antony’s Meltdown, August 2012) I was there too but my pictures were crap..

Kazuo Ohno

Kazuo Ohno

(From Ken Mai) Other Butoh founder Kazuo Ohno said: If you wish to dance a flower,you can mime it and it will be everyone`s flower and uninteresting: But if you place the beauty of that flower and the emotion which are evoked by it into your dead body,then the flower you create will be true and unique and the audience will be moved! Ohno believes that dance should reveal the form of the soul ,and to achieve this the dancer must separate himself from his physical and social identity. Butoh revolves around the idea of the dead body into which the dancer place an emotion which can then freely express itself. Without this technique the living the body would divert the emotion,drawing it into its own logic. Ohno tells us that as the puppeteer pulls the strings ,the soul should guide the artist. About the freedom of the dancer: this must be understood in the eastern sence: It does not mean free will,but rather shaking off the confines of free will,liberation from narrow thoughts and individuallity. Dancing freely means giving up the notion of oneself,reverting to the original memory of the body,and discovering the soul stifled within.

Salena Godden


Mahtak-Chia Sacred healing sounds 528 hz is the frequency of Love

Tania Broguera

Rebecca Solnit

Rachel Lichtenstein



Eartha Kitt

Peggy Phelan

The disappearance of the object is fundamental to performance; it rehearses and repeats the disappearance of the subject who longs always to be remembered (Unmarked)

Tom Lubbock

Seke Chimutengwende

Frank Van der Ven

Simonetta Allessandri

Richard Layzell

Oriana Fox

Marnie Orr

Rachel Sweeney

Ryan Jordan

Michelle Outram

Orr and Sweeney

Barbara Kukovec

Rob Canning

Graeme Miller

Inga Cholmogorova visual artist

Thibaut Cora

Iaro Rasoamiaramanana

Marianna Tsagaraki

Meshi Chavez

Denise Fujiwara

Atsushi Takenouchi

Geraldine Pilgrim

Renato Paroni

Catherine Wheeler

Beatriz Fernandes

Nuria Garcia, La Escuela de Baile

Para-active/ Zecora Ora Theatre

John Vanderpuije

Jreena Green

Nwando Ebizie

Anita Konarska

Pamela Z

Julia Schwarzbach

Helen Schoene

The McCarricks

Melanie Clifford

Ella Guru

Tomoko Takahashi

Sebastian Lowsley-Williams

Orson Nava

Lena Schniewind

Harriet Poole

Amaara Raheem

Kate Hilder

Margaret Pike

The Actors Playground: Wendy Windle and Hayley

Didi Hopkins

Sally Dean

Maryam Hashemi

Matt Jackson

Ewelina Kolacsek

Jaime and Gilberto Hernandez

Yu-chen Wang

Andro Semeiko

Angus Leadley-Brown

Ella Gibbs

Rachael Matthews

Amy Plant

Man Somerlinck

Kate McIntosh

Gillie Kleiman

Tom Stone

Karin Verbruggen

Adrian Heathfield

Simon Bayly

Lisa Alexander

Andrea Luka

Lady Vendredi

Shabnam Shahbazi

Nissa Nissakawa

Fritz Stohlberg


Quintina Valero

Javier Ortega

Antonio Harris

Anna Richmond

Jasia Smith

Debora Mina

Jaheda Choudary

Katja Nyquist

Marion Coutts

Kerry Chappel

Saydi Jones

Miranda July


Shahar Dor

Gary Stevens

Jen Irons

Jane Turner

“Deep topography” The London Perambulator Nick Papadimitriou Directed by John Rogers

Poplar TV Stoke Newington International Airport

Mark Jeffery

Judd Morrisey

“Body is the place” Vito Acconcii

“In the hierarchy of art.. and art is hierarchical.. i think that music is at the top and performance is the 2nd.. It’s so important in performance to think about presence.. it’s the only thing we’ve got in our lives” Marina Abramovic (M.A. on Performance, Chicago Humanities Conference)

“You can read a book and think it change your life but it didn’t change your life you’re the same old you all over again.. the only real things to change your life are things you’re afraid of, the things unknown, the tragedies in your own life, or something that affects you deeply, and real experience. That’s what matters, and performance is a real experience” Marina Abramovic (M.A. on Performance, Chicago Humanities Conference)

Sol LeWitt letter to Eva Hesse

Dear Eva,

 It will be almost a month since you wrote to me and you have possibly forgotten your state of mind (I doubt it though.) You seem the same as always and being you, hate every minute of it. Don’t! Learn to say “fuck you” to the world once in a while. You have every right to. Just stop thinking, worrying, looking over your shoulder wondering, doubting, fearing, hurting, hoping for some easy way out, struggling, gasping, confusing, itching, scratching, mumbling, bumbling, grumbling, humbling, stumbling, mumbling, rambling, gambling, tumbling, scrumbling, scrambling, hitching, hatching, glitching, moaning, groaning, looming, boning, horse-shitting, hair-splitting, nit-picking, piss-trickling, nose-sticking, ass-gouging, eyeball-poking, finger-pointing, alleyway-sneaking, long waiting, small stepping, evil-eyeing, back-scratching, searching, perching, grinding, grinding, grinding, away at yourself. Stop it and just DO!!!

 Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt nurtured, supported and inspired each other over their 10 year friendship, which is evident in their work and letters. In this particular letter from LeWitt to Hesse the emphasis is on letting go of anxieties by ‘doing’

(sent to me by a friend when i was strugglin..)