I have always curated a very broad range of public and private, often interactive events.

My basic interests have always been to change the world and bring people together and to encourage/ inspire/ demonstrate creative engagement with the world around. I like to encourage people to challenge what they think they can do.

I am fascinated by cities, love that I grew up in one and deeply appreciate the very mixed environment I grew up in and fear it’s demise due to a hideous cocktail of greed, capitalism and fear. I love the fact that people have always travelled and always fucked but our “identities” still cause too much stress to too many. I believe that there’s no such things as strangers just friends you never met yet. I love to welcome and bring people together. I create events , promenades, performances, which invariably lead to new collaborations.

Gina Birch Painting show

flyer with shoe background (1)







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