Red Shoe Films

In 2006 i found a great studio space overlooking all of London..Rachel Sweeney named it “Pie in the Sky”.. The name Red Shoe Films came from My Love of Dancing and Suede Red Flamenco Shoes and my former incarnation as a filmmaker.


photograph by Kristian Buus

From the start it seemed inevitable that I share this remarkable space with as many people as possible, we launched with the Pie in the Sky party ..

We started to have regular events every First Thursday (part of an East London roaming art event organised by Whitechapel art gallery). And other one-off commemorations and celebrations like the Ladies Film and Hair Club Ladies Film and Hair Club

and a week- long Festival of Light and Dark..

Between all hallows and the Light

Red shoe space also played host to Jont’s Unlit, the recording of an album by Kn0wn, the filming of a video by Charlotte Hatherley, Rehearsals  for Trail of the Spider , Sebastian Lowsley-Williams and Tomoko Takahashi’s Drawing Club, Yoga with Krt Williams and Nicola Croucher and Naomi Reynolds,Rehearsals, Video Backdrops and Devising Theatre with Antonia Windsor, Devising Dance and Video making with Marnie Gorgette Orr and Rachel Sweeney,

 and was used as a rehearsal space for Dancer/ Trainee Circus Genius Antonio Harris, Improvisation Practice Group, Flamenco Dance for Children with Nuria Ateba-Moritz and much more..