The Drawing and Dancing Society

Ella Guru moved to Hastings and Maryam Hashemi is helping fix up a boat in Amsterdam among many other things, so we ceased our regular operations, but an affection for it lingers and we had talked about trying it at other venues, and now Adam Vass wanted to work with us,  so I applied to a call for entries for the ALTMFA May curation at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects (nb. This is a brilliant and generous initiative by a successful artist, I wish more would be inspired to do similar, check it out!)

It was a dream, after a v fun meeting in Hastings at the Jack o Green festival, Ella made a beautiful poster, Adam, Michael Taylor and I brought the Art supplies and bought food and drink, we had 3 amazing performing models, Arkem, Marina Sossi, Nwando Ebizie and 3 amazing musicians,  Sarah Kaldor De Winter, Ally Cat and Guido Spannocchi, a really high attendance, a lovely, uplifting, inspiring, beautiful evening. I didn’t draw, but I did dance!

poster-may 201511351368_938912052827516_1557642562989221835_n10995645_938911509494237_1425659101688187627_n11295892_938911592827562_5520141705274979951_n11247500_938911986160856_7332340850578035823_n11165310_938911922827529_2820146161053800955_n11140239_938911589494229_7716862851436830927_n11329826_938911569494231_6240437530147199511_n11267056_938912109494177_4015345817885530455_n11219042_938911752827546_546022846513092070_n11170316_938912119494176_4601247435027380086_n19403_938912079494180_7914862426412846592_n11267760_938911882827533_1915651024193730410_n11224466_938911689494219_821933659216211062_n10409185_938911732827548_83411834908276127_nOctober 2011+

was formed in Autumn 2011 by Lucy Thane, Ella Guru and Maryam Hashemi, it mostly happens on Thursday evenings at Unit 61 and we are currently plotting the expansion of our horizons..

Chris's drawing

My original thought that gave birth to the Drawing and Dancing Society was in a Bodyweather/ Feldenkreis workshop with Monique Hunt. I had not long before bruised my coccyx and so couldn’t move all of me while doing exercises following other peoples’ bodies and movements. Focussing on separate details such as the hand, arm, head or leg made me think how like drawing dancing is.

At the same time I had been talking a lot with two painter friends, Ella Guru and Maryam Hashemi, about how they earn their living when they work so hard and so well at their craft. Also I know I know I might be missing the point but it also always seemed a bit ironic that “Life Drawing” was usually drawing a model so still they looked, at best, stuffed.

Somewhere in these musings and chats the Drawing and Dancing Society was born. It would be a free rehearsal/ scratch performance space for musicians and other performers with an intently concentrated audience scratching away with pen, stick or brush

I have always meant the drawing and dancing society to be about the drawers dancing as well as the models, in the event Ella and Maryam do a fabulous job supervising the drawing and painting, we’ve had some amazing performers, a lovely crowd, and I tend to get swept up in bar keeping and hosting and so have been slack about developing this aspect and it is a jolly nice event anyway.. and the story is not over..

Article about Drawing and Dancing Society in LabKultur by Erica Scourti

Sexton Ming (includes footage of his performance at Drawing and Dancing Society)

poster-feb2013-1amazing performers like Suri Sumatra..

Suri Sumatra Suri Sumatra Drawing Suri Sumatra Drawing 4 Suri Sumatra Drawing 3 Suri Sumatra Drawing 2 Suri Sumatra 3 Suri and drawers Suri and drawers 3 Suri and drawersand Sam Fathi and Shirin


sam and shirin   sam and shirin Drawing  drinks signs Sophie and Paddy and let’s hope that Paddy Knill’ll make his amazing Japanese and korean food again..

..and watch this space as Sophie Pumphrey will be managing a future class in which we both draw and perform..

earlier in the year Maryam worked with dance artist Anna Richmond on the Moving tableau of mysteries..