I had been a filmmaker to make a direct connection from what was going on my own mind to the outside world, a bridge. After 20 years of this pursuit I realized that the screens and lenses were actually rather disassociating. At the same time I was also developing a dance film, and working closely with dancers literally blew my mind. This absolutely different/ possibly opposite way of working, from within your own body to spacial awareness. The primary importance of the current moment. In filmmaking one is always deferring to the future, shooting to edit, editing to exhibit etc. I embarked on what turned out to be many years of dance, improvisation and performance training and during this time the whole world became as addicted to screens and lenses as I had been. As this had been a huge contributor to my burnout I was worried about the world. How can this possibly be healthy? I also started to miss certain aspect of filmmaking processes: the collaborative factor, the time and space to analyse and re-order/ edit and consider.

The Mothership Pilgrimage

Saffron Hill

Flotilla of regrets

Artist Choir

Muse for Luca Bonomo

Wet Granny Labs

Drawing and Dancing

Ironic Title (Improvisation)

Shield (Amaara Raheem)

Awesome Threesome

A Sailor went to Sea

7000 year old woman



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