Drawing and Dancing


My original thought that gave birth to the Drawing and Dancing Society was in a Bodyweather/ Feldenkreis workshop with Monique Hunt. I had not long before bruised my coccyx and so couldn’t move all of me while doing exercises following other peoples’ bodies and movements. Focussing on separate details such as the hand, arm, head or leg made me think how like drawing dancing is. I mentioned the idea to two painter friends, Ella Guru and Maryam Hashemi, and the Drawing and Dancing Society was born. I always meant the drawing and dancing society to be about the drawers dancing as well as the models, in the event organising and hosting takes over and I have been slack about developing this aspect (it is a jolly nice event anyway).. But when I was in the Pennines with a lovely bunch of bodyweatherers, organised by the marvellous and lovely Simone Kenyon and Neil Callaghan, I asked them to draw a still pose with their moving bodies, and recorded some of the results..

Drawing and Dancing Pennines6

Drawing and Dancing Pennines Drawing and Dancing Pennines2  Drawing and Dancing Pennines4 Drawing and Dancing Pennines5  Drawing and Dancing Pennines3