Folkestone Dance

In 2019 Me and Sophie Devooght started an exciting new endeavour called Folkestone Dance.


In May-July 2019 we curated a Launch series to test the premise that Folkestone could realistically be a “Destination for Dance”.
In that time we:

Acquired Funding from KCC and a Private Trust

Acquired a Dance Floor, Mirrors and Barres

Were commissioned to do a popular 2 month Residency at Sassoon Gallery at Folkestone Library
Opening: 30

Choreographed a Cheerleading squad at Dover Boxing Club for “Fight for Pride”
Participants: 5, Audience: 75

Choreographed 7 Primary and 2 Special needs schools for the Charivari Parade
Participants: 180, Audience: 1000

Choreographed a Film Crew Flash Mob for Folkestone Pride
Participants: 8, Audience: 500

Organised Workshops in Ballet, Tap, Butoh, Viewpoints, Tamalpa, Contemporary Soul Groove, African Drumming, Vocal Improvisation, Iranian Chant
Teachers: 8, Students: 128

Organised Workshops at Sassoon Gallery, Glassworks, Quarterhouse and Sol Calero

Organised Environmental Interaction Day trip to Dungeness on the Light Railway
Participants: 20

Organised Public Performance by Trio de Femmes (UK, Mexico, US) and Ken Mai (Finland)
Audience: 25

Hosted “Kino-Club” ( London Dance-Film-Discussion Group) screening of Derek Jarman’s “The Garden“ at East Fischer’s studio
Audience: 15

Begun R + D for Lucy Thane’s Folkestone set short dance film “Saffron Hill DFL” (Working title)
Participants: 8

Created a Web-site and Social Media

Acquired Branding by Feralchild

Acquired support staff, board members, social media experts
Participants: 8


Participants: 399
Audience: 1865

This is despite the fact that we had to evacuate the Sassoon Gallery space halfway through the Residency rendering much of our printed publicity obsolete and forcing us to expend a great deal of energy acquiring alternative Venues

We have proved that there is a real need and desire for dance within Folkestone that also inspires dancers to travel here form other countries and parts of the UK.