Day Trip to Dungeness on the Light Railway

“But before I finish I intend to celebrate our corner of Paradise, the part of the Garden the Lord forgot to mention” Derek Jarman, 1989

Derek Jarman & Beach2

Lucy Thane and Ben Barton Gibson invite you to spend an afternoon on the Beach near Derek Jarman & HBs’ home “Prospect cottage”, via the Dungeness, Hythe and Romney light railway.
It is 25 years this year since Derek Jarman died of AIDS related illness, & his partner Keith Collins (HB) died suddenly last year & we want to honour these great Queer local residents in the Charivari (this years theme: Film) & Folkestone Pride (this years theme: Beach) Parades;
There will be a Kino Club screening of Derek Jarman’s “The Garden” the night before at Ernst Fischer’s studio at 7pm 28th June 64 Tontine Street CT20 1JP

We will:
Perform Movement and Vocal scores interacting with the environment
Develop improvised and choreographed responses for later performance
Make Sculptural interactions
Hear and tell stories/ readings from Derek Jarman’s diaries
All individual interventions happily welcomed too
All ages are welcome. The event is free but please book so that we can make a group deal with the light railway and organise subsidised fares. Donations to Folkestone Dance gratefully received.

I walk in this garden
Holding the hands of dead friends
Old age came quickly for my frosted generation
Cold, cold, cold they died so silently
Did the forgotten generations scream?
Or go full of resignation
Quietly protesting innocence
Cold, cold, cold they died so silently

Linked hands at four AM
Deep under the city you slept on
Never heard the sweet flesh song
Cold, cold, cold they died so silently

I have no words
My shaking hand
Cannot express my fury
Sadness is all I have
Cold, cold, cold they died so silently

Matthew fucked Mark fucked Luke fucked John
Who lay on the bed that I lie on
Touch fingers again as you sing this song
Cold, cold, cold they died so silently

My silly flowers, roses, violets blue
Sweet garden of vanished pleasures
Please come back next year
Cold, cold, cold they died so silently

Goodnight boys,
Goodnight Johnny,

Derek Jarman, 1989