100 days of Dance for Anna Halprin

On july 13th 2020 Legendary dancer Anna Halprin (who among so very many other things developed Tamalpa Life/Art Embodiment training with her daughter Daria) will turn 100 years old.

I and a number of friends, and ANYONE who wants to join in intend to make a dance every day for the 100 days leading up to her Birthday.

This will begin on April 5th

We will inaugurate the practice with participatory storydances and a 1 hour workshop at the ExitMap Open day at The Green Nunhead, a community centre in Southeast London

Exit Map Open day Feb 29th

On July  13th we will join people all over the planet in performing Anna’s 45 year old Planetary Dance for Peace (or a variant of it should we still be in Lockdown?!.)

I intend to prepare for this by doing a dance for myself every day leading up to February 29th (for starters) and to blog about it here.

Score for 100 days of dance for Anna (using the RSVP score developed by Anna with her husband Lawrence)


To dance everyday for 100 days leading up to Anna Halprin’s 100th Birthday which will be celebrated by world-wide Planetary dances

To extend an open invitation to all others to do so too


Celebration, Life, Inspiration, Connection, Dance in all and any forms/ meanings, Movement with intention


Anywhere you are/ want to be/ have to be


Anytime during every day EXCEPT every Saturday we will set 2 times for everyone to dance wherever they are (2 times to catch as many people as possible over the many time zones) at the same time


April 5th-July 13th 2020


Anyone who wants to


Desire to Dance/ Move with intention (and anything/body else you need/desire/want)

The Amazing Art/Life of Anna Halprin and all who have inspired and are inspired by her life and work

Space, Time, Force

Everybody else who is dancing too: shall we pool experiences on this blog/ facebook page/ Whatsapp group?

Your body, self, built and/ or natural environment, other people and life-forms/ species, movement. sound, colour, music, emotions, passions, needs, sensual feelings, experiences, ideas, politics, shapes, breath, weather, dreams, fantasies, wishes, manifestations, stories, whatever turns you on..

An intention


At some point during every day from April 5th-July 13th 2020 DANCE for at least 3 minutes (you are also welcome to join in at any time)

Dance can mean simply moving your body with intention that transcends or extends or emphasises the practical and necessary in response to impulse and/or external stimuli

It could be in any room in your home or where you wake up, while you go about your day or wish another or yourself good morning, it could be to music or not, it could be in water, on land, on the street, in a studio, at work, on a dance floor, around a lighthouse, on a bus or train or bicycle, it could contain barely any movement at all, it could be alone or with one, some or many others, it could be a simple expression of how you feel in your body or emotions, or a freak out to a favourite song, it could be “off your head” or completely present, it could be lying, standing or sitting, it could be very loud or very quiet, very long or short, it could be very similar or very different every day..

You are also invited to share your experience with others by writing/ drawing/ recording sound or video and sending to this blog/ a facebook page/ Whatsapp group? (you could of course also just do it and not tell anybody)

Once a week ( a Saturday or Sunday ) you are invited to dance at the same time as everyone else around the world who is participating in 100 dances for Anna (we will set 2 different time zones to enable as many people as poss to join in?)

On July 13th you are invited to a Planetary Dance that will take place in many places around the world (more info closer to the time)