What I have learned from to support this work:


The Expressive Body in Life, Art & Therapy

The Thinking Body: Mabel Todd

The Body sets the Score: Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Evolve your Brain: Joe Dispenza

Waking the Tiger: Peter A. Levine Levine & Ann Frederick


Memories, Dreams, Reflections: C.J. Jung

Conflict is not abuse: Sarah Schulman

A Paradise built in Hell: Rebecca Solnit

Dancing in the Streets: Barbara Ehrenreich

Natives: Akala

Why I’m no longer talking to White people about Race: Renni Eddo-Lodge

Movement Resources (Who/ what has informed my daily practice)

Anna Halprin’s Movement Ritual

Yumiko Yoshioka Bosy Resonance

Irineu Nogueira

Alessandra Seutin

Marina Sossi

Pepa Ubera

Rosalind Crisp

Alexandra Baybutt

Thibaut Cora

Performer Resources/ Inspirations:

Andrew Morrish

Denise Fujiwara

Seke Chimutengwende

Camille Barton

Nicole Cataldo-Davies

Tania Soubry

RSVP Scores: Laurence Halprin

And then, you act: Anne Bogart

Therapeutic Support:

Edward Stobler

François Mezei & Sonja Hibbert (Osteopathy & Deep Tissue massage)

Mark Rietema